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Cheap CSGO Skins – The Short Version

The short version for everyone that just wants to get to the source of the best and safest store for cheap csgo skins. 

The best and safest store to buy cheap csgo skins is OPSkins

OPSkins is the safest store because it has a two-way account authentication, the best prices, and the most payment methods. 

It is also in a partnership with Steam Analyst and it is the most famous shop in the csgo skins scene.

If this short text didn’t convince you then you must take a look at the thorough version below!

And if you want to learn how to buy skins on OPSkins then please click here.

You can also sell your skins on OPSkins!

With that said let’s jump to the thorough version!

The Design of OPSkins

Why is OPSkins the best and safest store to buy cheap csgo skins? Let’s take a closer look at OPSkins. 

The store might look confusing at first because it has so many menu links and so many options. 

But if you are a lover of awesome csgo skins then this will become really handy.

The menu links are located at the top and below you already see all kinds of skins.

Below that, you have promotions (which you must take advantage of!)

And on the left, you can see the newest blog posts and social media links.

No fancy stuff, the total loading time of OPSkins is 1.0 seconds.

With that loading speed, they are among the top loading speeds of the world.

The Safety of OPSkins

OPSkins offers a two-way authentication. 

After a change of browsers or IP change, you will have to verify your Account with your e-mail…

And if you want you can also scan a QR code with your smartphone! 

Your Account will be safe! I also know no other CSGO Skins shop currently offering that.

And in case you should get hacked… you can also ban yourself.

The only way to lift that ban is to contact the support to unban you.

Nobody else is offering that either.

So you are absolutely safe on OPSkins!

The Search Function

On OPSkins, you can search for the exact item that you want in any exterior!

You can search these items with a sticker, in stattrack, as a souvenir…

With a certain grade and of course the typical sorting options like Price: Low-High.

There is also another cool feature in the sorting option called “Featured”

If you search for featured skins you will find skins where the seller paid more so the item is on top of the page.

This means that the seller is active and that the price is up to date, probably even with a very nice discount!

OPSkins Mystery Skins Function

OPSkins also regularly does awesome promotions where you get bonuses.

For example, record yourself testing the new “mystery item” function and send it to them.

They will reimburse you with $20! (12.05.2017)

With other words, if you add $10 dollar to your account they will add another $20!

But only if you test their new mystery item function

Which gave some guys a couple of hundred dollars…

Cheap CSGO Skins - Bayonet Lore cheap csgo skins mystery items function Cheap csgo skins mystery items howl

Even More Cool Functions

They also have a product catalog with all the CSGO skins in existence!

I bet you have never seen the Famas – Styx.

You should take a look at their product catalog and you will be surprised.

You will see skins that you have never seen before!

But that is still not everything.

They also have a price comparison list in the submenu of “community”. 

You can compare the OPSkins prices with the current Steam market prices.

You can look for the most expensive item on the steam market and on OPSkins.

Or you can look for the most expensive skin for each weapon.

I don’t know any websites that offer this yet. How cool is that?!

Tons of Skins for a Lot of Games!

Besides that OPSkins also has every skin in existence in their inventory!

And not only for Counter Strike Global Offensive! They also have skins for Rust, Payday2, DotA2…

Both H1Z1 Games, Steam Community Items, Killing Floor 2, Unturned…

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and of course Team Fortress 2!

Selling Skins & Payment Methods

You can also sell your items for real money on OPSkins!

OPSkins will take a share of what you get for selling your item but it’s not much.

And besides that, you can then cash out via PayPal and use that money like you want.

It enables you to use your money outside of steam!

They even have the most payment methods in the Skins scene…

Paypal, G2A Pay, Paysafe Card, Bitcoin, and Skrill.

And Skrill has numerous other payment options like Sofort, Alipay, Rapidtransfer, etc!

And if that is not enough to convince that they are the best store to buy cheap csgo skins at…

More About OPSkins

They also have a superb customer service that takes their work very serious. 

OPSkins is a large business and the most people wanting to buy cheap csgo skins go to OPSkins.

You don’t want to know how much traffic this website has. 

And you don’t want to know how much money this website makes per day.

Your jaws will drop, what will happen when they lose their good reputation?

They have a lot to lose and that is the best argument why it is a safe spot to buy your skins!

The direct competitors are Kinguin, BitSkins and G2A. And they can not compare with OPSkins because of the reasons above. 

They simply don’t offer what OPSkins has in terms of security, functionality, skin range and skins variation.

They are legit shops, not gonna lie.  But in the end, OPSkins is victorious. 

The Conclusion

The best store to buy csgo skins is OPSkins.

It is the safest, cheapest, fastest and most famous online store to buy csgo skins.

So what are you waiting for? Get your skins safely and cheap from OPSkins!

PS: Do you also like to buy games for outrageous discounts? Then take a look at Gamers Outlet!

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