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Sell CS GO Skins for Real Money – Intro

The best place to sell cs go skins is called OPSkins!

And I tell you exactly why.

Because everyone buys and sells on OPSkins.

It’s the amazon of csgo skins.

Do I need to say more? Actually no because… 

Your items WILL BE SOLD on OPSkins!

And then you will be able to cash out with PayPal or Bitcoin!

How awesome is that man? You get real money which you can use to start your first website!

Or to invest in some stocks, or to buy a new Key für Counter Strike Global Offensive in case you got kicked and have to wait!

(When you click on the link above you will be directed to Gamers-Outlet where you get CSGO Cheaper!)

Well, you get the idea, you can do what you want with that money.

That is much better than having to reuse that money in steam.

Basically, the money that you have on steam is not your money.

It’s like coupons, you can only use it there.

Enough of the talky talk.

So how exactly can you sell cs go skins on OPSkins?

How to Sell CS GO Skins – The Short Version

  1. Click on the top right of OPSkins to sign in (Then sign in through steam).
  2. Go to your account settings to set your trade URL which you need to select your skins to sell them.
  3. Set your Trade URL in the options, there you just need to copy & paste your trade URL.
  4. Add funds to your account (we recommend PayPal as it is absolutely safe).
  5. Choose the skins that you want to buy (look for the highest discount).
  6. Go to your OPSkins cart which is located left of your Account name (at the top right corner of OPSkins).
  7. Chose to check out & deliver (we recommend Steam as the browser requires E-Mail confirmation).
  8. Get your Skins from a bot through steam (recommended).
  9. After the successful trade login to steam and start counter strike global offensive.
  10. Equip the skin that you just received.
  11. Stay AFK the whole round so the whole team sees you inspecting the skin.
  12. Get kicked from the game.
  13. Laugh your ass off and join a deathmatch after your smile disappeared.

Sell CS GO Skins for Real Money – How to Sell on OPSkins

First, you have to register on OPSkins or sign in through steam, it does not make a difference how you sign in.

Secondly, you have to set your account security options on steam to “public” like in the screenshot below.

This is important so you can choose the skins that you want to sell on OPSkins.

Sell CS GO Skins - Account Settings

After you did this you hit the save changes button.

Now you just have to copy and paste your trade URL into your profile so OPSkins can display the skins in your account.

Now you should be able to see your skins when you click on “Sell” in the OPSkins menu.

If you should not see it then it will simply take some minutes for steam to update the information.

After some minutes you will see your inventory.

In the screenshot below you can see that OPSkins takes a 10% cut of the price.

This is how OPSkins makes money, and this is how you can get real money for your skins…

not like on steam where you only reinvest into steam and nothing else.

Now you decide on the price and hit that “add to sales queue” button.

And these are the fundamentals of how to sell cs go skins on OPSkins.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy my friend!

Why you Are Completely Safe on OPSkins

You identify scam websites when their offers are just too good to be true.

For example, they tell you that your chances to win a dragon lore or not are 70%/30%

Why is that a scam? Because the seller offering this makes guaranteed losses

And who in the hell wants to make losses?

I don’t really know, maybe he wants to kill himself soon or something?

It does not make sense and it is highly suspicious.

You can be absolutely sure that you lose because this is a ridiculous bait.

OPSkins takes 10% of the person that sells the skin on their marketplace.

This is how OPSkins makes money. 

The seller wins too because in trade for that he will get money that he can use like he wants.

And you will be able to buy that skin for a discount.

Everyone wins, not only the seller

Other Reasons Why OPSkins Is Absolutely Safe

OPSkins installed a DNS called Cloudflare on their website that can also check your browser for spam.

It does not only kick spambots and scripts out, it probably also blocks Bruteforce attacks because it blocks spam.

That is the second reason why you can be absolutely motherfucking sure that OPSkins is no damn scam.

And you don’t need to trust me, go ahead and see it for yourself.

The third reason is that OPSkins offers a two-way authentication on your account.

After you activated it you will have to scan a QR code every time you want to sign in to your account.

You can scan that QR code with every kind of smartphone as long as you can scan QR codes with it!

That means you can use your Windows phone, Android Phone or iPhone.

Really awesome right? But that is not everything.

You can also ban your own account if you suspect that someone else is screwing with your account.

You will have to contact the support to unban your account.

PayPal is the last level of security if you chose to pay with it…

It is basically impossible to get scammed with PayPal because you can simply ask them to give you your money back.

If the other person fails to deliver your skin you simply tell PayPal or OPSkins to take care of that and you will get your money back!


You can easily and safely sell your csgo skins on OPSkins.

If you want to read a thorough post why OPSkins is the best store then please click here

And in case you want to buy some skins there…

I got just the right guide for you too!

Should you have any questions just leave a comment here and I will answer as fast as possible!

Happy selling my friend!

PS: You can buy cs go case keys for 50 cents cheaper on OPSkins!

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