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Where and How to Buy Cheap CSGO Knives – Short Version

The best store to buy cheap and hot csgo knives is OPSkins.

To read a thorough post why OPSkins is the best and safest store to buy csgo skins please read this article.

To learn how you can buy items on OPSkins please take a look at this article.

The short version why the OPSkins store is the best: Fast, cheap and safe due to two-way authentication.

The Short Version on How to Buy Cheap CSGO Knives

  1. Go to OPSkins and sign in through steam
  2. Go to your account settings
  3. Set your Trade URL in the options
  4. Add funds to your account
  5. Choose the skins that you want to buy
  6. Go to your OPSkins cart
  7. Chose to check out & deliver
  8. Get your Skins from a bot through steam (recommended)
  9. Login to steam and start counter strike
  10. Equip the skin you bought
  11. Enjoy the jealousy

Or watch this video (Trade URL step not included).


Cheap CSGO Knives of Every Kind (Prices Vary)

Cheap CSGO Knives The Cheapest Butterfly Cheap CSGO Knives The Cheapest Falchion Cheap CSGO Knives The Cheapest Flip Knife Cheap CSGO Knives The Cheapest Gut Knife Cheap CSGO Knives The Cheapest Huntsman Knife

Cheap CSGO Knives The Cheapest Karambit Cheap CSGO Knives The Cheapest M9 Bayonet Cheap CSGO Knives The Cheapest Shadow Daggers Cheap CSGO Knives The Cheapest Bowie Knife Cheap CSGO Knives The Cheapest Bayonet

The Pricelist for These Cheap CSGO Knives

  1. Butterfly Knife – Scorched | Price: $63.90
  2. Falchion Knife – Scorched | Price: $41.44
  3. Flip Knife – Safari Mesh | Price: $46.10
  4. Gut Knife – Boreal Forest | Price: $42.00
  5. Huntsman Knife – Forest DDPAT | Price: $47.42
  6. Karambit – Safari Mesh | Price: $95.00
  7. M9 Bayonet – Scorched | Price: $68.17
  8. Shadow Daggers – Scorched | Price: $41.00
  9. Bowie Knife – Safari Mesh | Price: $50.27
  10. Bayonet – Safari Mesh | Price: $58.00

Take a look at these cheap csgo knives.

They are not really the hot knives that everybody wants but they are the cheapest you can get.

It’s better to have a knife than to have no knife.

And besides that we really like the butterfly scorched and the falchion knife scorched.

The used look makes it look badass don’t you think?

A knight in a shining armor has never seen a fight after all!

You can also make cool tricks ingame with the butterfly knife like you can in real life!

So besides looking cool, you can also use that knife ingame besides stabbing people in the back!

Here is a video of how the butterfly knife – scorched (battle-scarred) looks ingame:


The Sexiest Knives Under $100 (Prices Vary)


The Pricelist for These Sexy Knives (Prices Vary)

  1. Butterfly Knife – Stained | Price: $78.55
  2. Falchion Knife – Slaughter | Price: $90.00
  3. Flip Knife – Damascus Steel | Price: $60.50
  4. Gut Knife – Damascus Steel | Price: $51.00
  5. Huntsman Knife – Blue Steel | Price: $69.90
  6. Karambit – Urban Masked | Price: $99.99
  7. M9 Bayonet – Urban Masked | Price: $73.50
  8. Shadow Daggers – Blue Steel | Price: $68.99
  9. Bowie Knife – Stained | Price: $66.50
  10. Bayonet – Stained | Price: $75.99

Now we take a look at the more expensive knives which are still below $100.

The Karambit urban masked barely made it!

It could be well above $100 by now.

Our favorite knife from this collection is the Flip Knife – Damascus Steel (Field-Tested)!

Let’s take a look at it ingame (see the knife flip at 0:32).


Why OPSkins is the Best Store to Buy Skins – Design

I covered this thoroughly in this article.

However, I will summarize it for you.

OPSkins is the best store to buy cheap csgo knives for the following reasons.

First the design. It is a very simple classic design and the loading speed of OPSkins is 1 damn second.

And unlike other skins stores they actually finished their design *cough Bitskins cough*

Why OPSkins is the Best Store to Buy Skins – Safety

Before you enter OPSkins their Cloudflare DNS will check if you are a spambot or of some sorts.

I guess this also helps against Bruteforce attacks and other shenanigans.

Furthermore, they offer a two-way authentication.

That means you can scan a QR code with your mobile phone.

And that works with Windows phone, Android, and iPhone!

Besides that, they also offer a “Ban me” button on your account.

You can use that if you think that someone has access to your account.

Only the support will be unable to ban you then.

And lastly, you should use PayPal because it is impossible to scam you with it.

If you buy something and the seller does not deliver then you can claim your money back.

Many people don’t even get their money back with PayPal!

As you can see you are very safe on OPSkins! 

Why OPSkins is the Best Store to Buy Skins – Prices

On the price list, you can see how awesome the prices on OPSkins are!

And you get these discounts on almost everything that OPSkins got on their marketplace!

Neither Kinguin, G2A or Bitskins got awesome prices like that!

You can save up to 25% on OPSkins, if you don’t take advantage of that then lord have mercy. 

Smart people save money wherever they can.

Millionaires invest money that makes more profits later.

Even Bill Gates, why do you believe he runs around in clothing that looks like they were stolen from homeless people?…

He saves money but invests in something that makes profits later. 

Are you going to pay more for something that you can get cheaper like Bill Gates?

And if you want to make a profit you can sell all your skins on OPSkins if you don’t want them anymore!

Why OPSkins is the Best Store to Buy Skins – Skins Variety

OPSkins got tons of skins for the following games: Payday2, Rust, Team Fortress 2, Both H1Z1 Games…

DotA 2, Steam Community Items, PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds and more!

No other shop on the internet offers skins for all these games! 

Don’t get me wrong, OPSkins is a marketplace.

The people that put the items there are players just like you.


There are not many knives below $100 that look good. And some of these knives here actually cost above $100!

Because of OPSkins discounts, they fell below $100. So grab them as long as the price is low!

The prices change daily! 

As I wrote above you are safe on OPSkins and you will save a lot of money there.

So what are you waiting for? A look on it does not cost you anything.

PS: Take a look at this beautiful rifle, barely anyone even knows this skin exists even tho it is ridiculously cheap ($5.00)!

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