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Buy Cheap CSGO Keys – Intro

So you are that smart guy looking on google how to save money. Well, you have done well. 

In case you just want to buy the cheap csgo keys and skip the reading part just click here.

Another surprise, not only do you save a lot of money buying these cheap csgo keys…

You also buy them in the safest store on the internet specialized for skins – OPSkins.

Two-way account authentication,  a 9.8 score on TrustPilot, discounts on all skins…

A price list for all skins, a catalog that showcases all skins and many other features.

If you want to read a thorough version why OPSkins is the best store please click here.

And should you need a step-by-step guide to buy skins on OPSkins then please click here.

With that said here is the short version to buy skins on OPSkins.

How to Buy Cheap CSGO Keys on OPSkins (Short Version)

  1. Go to OPSkins and sign in through steam
  2. Go to your account settings
  3. Set your Trade URL in the options
  4. Add funds to your account
  5. Choose the skins that you want to buy
  6. Go to your OPSkins cart
  7. Chose to check out & deliver
  8. Get your Skins from a bot through steam (recommended)
  9. Login to steam and start counter strike
  10. Equip the skin you bought
  11. Enjoy the jealousy

Or Watch This Video (Does not Include the Trade URL step!)

Cheap CSGO Keys – The Keys

Here I am presenting all they keys that have discounts on them. 

Please note that you need certain keys for certain cases.

Below they keys I will list the prices and a link to buy them on OPSkins.

Next, to the price, I will also write which case you can open with each key.

The Pricelist for These Cheap CSGO Keys

  1. E-Sports Case Key | Price: $2.40 | Opens all weapon cases
  2. Glove Case Key | Price: $2.28 | Opens glove case
  3. Huntsman Case Key | Price: $2.32 | Opens huntsman case
  4. Operation Breakout Case Key | Price: $2.23 | Opens operation breakout case
  5. Operation Phoenix Case Key | Price: $2.23 | Opens operation phoenix case
  6. Operation Vanguard Case Key | Price: $2.30 | Opens operation vanguard case
  7. Operation Wildfire Case Key | Price: $2.24 | Opens operation wildfire case
  8. Revolver Case Key | Price: $2.24 | Opens revolver case
  9. Shadow Case Key | Price: $2.29 | Opens Shadow case
  10. Spectrum Case Key | Price: $2.25 | Opens Spectrum Case
  11. Winter Offensive Case Key | Price: $2.25 | Opens winter offensive case

Is OPSkins a Safe Store to Buy From?

Absolutely! Recently a lot of stores were taken action against by Valve because Valve forbids gambling.

OPSkins is not involved in gambling and this is why they will not be taken down.

OPSkins also offers two-way authentication where you can scan a QR code with your mobile phone.

This is possible with a Windows phone, Android, and iPhone!

So basically every smartphone.

Furthermore, OPSkins checks every browser before they enter their website.

Their CloudFlare DNS checks if you are a spambot or some other dangerous process.

I guess this also protects their website against Bruteforce attacks.

What Else Makes OPSkins So Attractive?

First of all their design, their design is finished, unlike other online skins stores that I have seen…

And besides that their website finished loading in a damn second!

This is among top tier websites (which is a clear indicator that they take their store absolutely serious).

Many of their skins on their marketplace even have a whopping 25% discount on them.

And they have a ton of skins.

Not only for Counter Strike Global Offensive but also for many other steam games!

They got skins for Payday2, Rust, Unturned, Both H1z1 Games, Team Fortress 2, DotA 2…

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds and Killing Floor 2!

No other store on the internet offers all these skins in one place.

And I can say all this with absolute confidence because I have checked the internet for that.

I also wrote a very thorough comparison of the most popular skins stores on the Internet.

Why is OPSkins Better Than the Competition?

OPSkins is better in the following factors: Design, Speed, Simplicity, Safety, Prices and Skins Variety.

Their design is finished and it is built in a classic way.

With other words, the Menu is at the top of the website, no bullshit.

The loading speed of their website is 1.0 seconds. Kinguin, Bitskins, and G2A had a higher loading speed than OPSkins.

OPSkins also wins in simplicity because they have the classic design.

Kinguin, Bitskins, and G2a have their important links lower than the top and instead have stupid advertisements there.

Or they have the login there or something else.

besides that Bitskins website design is just unfinished.

G2A looks clean but it needs some time to figure it out.

Kinguin is just honestly said, chaotic.

I already mentioned above in the article why OPSkins is the safest store for skins.

The other stores don’t have their level of protection.

They also don’t have skins for all the steam games like OPSkins has.

Furthermore, they also don’t have ridiculous discounts on some skins (25% discounts)!

Cheap CSGO Keys – Selling Them

Should you have some csgo skins that you actually want to sell

OPSkins offers to take them from you in trade for Operation Points.

You can use those Operation Points to buy skins with it.

And afterwards, you can sell those skins!

Cheap CSGO Keys – Conclusion

I have never seen such discounts on CSGO keys on the steam market or any other store.

Besides that, OPSkins is the safest store to buy skins on the internet.

So in case you want to open a case…

Buy the keys on OPSkins because then you will also save a lot of money!

Good luck opening the cases and happy fragging with the new skins!

PS: Ever seen the Royal Paladin M4A4 rifle? Barely anyone even knows this skin exists even tho it is ridiculously cheap ($5.00)!  

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